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Container transport

Containertransport Skara Logistik


With our sidelifter, we can offer you a very flexible transport solution where we can place the container on the ground.

This is ideal if you lack a loading dock.

The sidelifter trucks are equipped with crane arms, so no external container truck is needed for drop-off or pick-up. However, you need to think about how you want the doors positioned when booking this type of transport. You can always consult with one of our proficient transport managers in order to get it right.

Containertransport Skara Logistik

The right vehicle for the job

In order to accommodate more containers, we also offer transport with cars without sidelifters. In connection with the booking, we will agree on which solution is best for your particular load.

Transport Skara Logistik

Part load, full load,
courier service

Domestic transport

We offer transport of refrigerated goods, food, packages and much more.

Maskintrailer Skara Logistik

Special transport and
Machine transport

With long experience and extensive knowledge in the industry, there are no challenges that are too difficult for us. We transport machinery, and all types of odd loads.

Specialtransport Skara Logistik
Specialtransport Skara Logistik

Crane trucks

Get in touch and we will help you with lifting tasks.


Escort vehicles

Traffic control

We offer road transport management and escort vehicles. Get in touch and we will talk more.

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